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Andrea Sgoifo

Andrea Sgoifo

University of Parma, Italy

Biography: Born in Udine (Italy), on August the 3rd 1962.

MS in Biological Sciences (Univ. of Parma, Italy, 1987). 

PhD in Cardiovascular Pathophysiology (Univ. of Milano, 1994). 

Post-doc grant on Stress Physiology (Univ. of Groningen, NL, 1996-98). Assistant professor, Univ. of Parma (1998-2005).

Associate Professor of Physiology, Dept. of Chemistry, Life Sciences & Environmental Sustainability, Univ. of Parma (since 2005). 

Full professorship qualification received from the Italian Ministry of University & Research, January 2014.

Director of the Stress Physiology Lab, University of Parma (since 2005)

Director of the Stress Control Lab, Italian College of Osteopathy (since 2016).

Research Interesrt(s): Research activity focuses on the biological substrates of depression/anxiety and autonomic/cardiovascular dysfunction comorbidity. This topic is approached via preclinical research on animal models of depression (based on adverse social conditions) and anxiety (based on lines selectively bred). Proendocannabinoid pharmacological treatment (FAAH inhibition) is tested to verify its pevention/reversal potential over behavioral and physiological symptoms of anxiety/depression as well as over autonomic/cardiovascular dysfunction. Part of the research activity is also devoted to the evaluation of a number of chronic stress parameters in various human populations.