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Kirill Kosilov

Kirill Kosilov

Far Eastern Federal University, Russian Federation

Biography: Kosilov (surname), Kirill (first) Vladimirovich (middle) MD, PhD, professor of Far Eastern Federal University
DOB July 07, 1965 in Vladivostok city, Russia; studied at the medical University of Vladivostok in 1982-1989.
1991 to 2001 - worked in the urology and diagnostic department Children's City Hospital, the regional center of treatment of children and adolescents.
1997 to 2003 - defended 2 dissertations on issues related to neurourological problems in adolescents.
2001 to 2005 - worked as head of the laboratory of functional diagnostics of the East Siberian branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia
2008-2013 worked as head of the laboratory of neurourology of Primorsky regional center (RF)
Since 2006, and currently teaches at Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russian Federation).

Research Interest(s):

  1. Neurourology of child, childhood, older man and woman
  2. Psychological aspects of aging
  3. Sociology of neurourology