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Mohamad Hafizi Abu Bakar

Mohamad Hafizi Abu Bakar

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Biography: Dr. Mohamad Hafizi Abu Bakar, PhD Bioprocess Technology Division School of  Industrial Technology University Sains Malaysia.

Research Interest(s): 

  1. Cellular biochemistry; therapeutic strategy using nutritional approaches for metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, inflammation.
  2. Bioprocessing for nutrition and natural products-based food.
  3. Mitochondria, metabolomics, and lipodomic: identification of circulatin biomarkers in obesity and type 2 diabetes subjects using multi-integrated omics approach.
  4. Establishment of cellular disease models for mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation.
  5. Mechanistic targets of pharmacologically active plant-derived natural products on cellular/animal models with metabolic diseases.