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  1. Safaa Najah Saud Biography

    Safaa Najah Saud
    Management and Science University, Malaysia

  2. Jens Ejbye Schmidt Biography

    Jens Ejbye Schmidt
    Masdar Institute for Technology and Science, United Arab Emirates

  3. Li Yu-Jung Biography

    Li Yu-Jung
    National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

  4. Yu-Hong Wei Biography

    Yu-Hong Wei
    Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

  5. Cedric Delattre Biography

    Cedric Delattre
    University of Clermont Auvergne, France

  6. Abdulhamit Subasi Biography

    Abdulhamit Subasi
    Effat University, Saudi Arabia

  7. Sanati-Nezhad Amir Biography

    Sanati-Nezhad Amir
    University of Calgary, Canada

  8. Khalid Zaki Elwakeel Biography

    Khalid Zaki Elwakeel
     University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  9. Biliana Pancheva Nikolova Biography

    Biliana Pancheva Nikolova
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

  10. Ki-Chul Hwang Biography

    Ki-Chul Hwang
    Catholic Kwandong University, Korea, Republic of

  11. Jin Seop Bak Biography

    Jin Seop Bak
    KAIST, South Korea

  12. Sang-Hwan Hyun Biography

    Sang-Hwan Hyun
    Chungbuk National University, Korea, Republic of

  13.  Yong Shin Biography

     Yong Shin
    University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Korea, Republic of

  14. Chung Yi Chen Biography

    Chung Yi Chen
    Fooyin University, Taiwan

  15. Chong Cheng Biography

    Chong Cheng
    Free University of Berlin , China

  16. Paolo Tini Biography

    Paolo Tini
    University Hospital of Siena, Italy

  17. Vincenzo Guarino Biography

    Vincenzo Guarino
    National Research Council of Italy, Italy

  18. Francesca Diomede Biography

    Francesca Diomede
    University “G. d’Annunzio, Italy

  19. Arianna Smerieri Biography

    Arianna Smerieri
    University of Parma, Italy

  20. Eleonora Marsich Biography

    Eleonora Marsich
    University of Trieste, Italy

  21. Hong-Lin Chan Biography

    Hong-Lin Chan
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

  22. Andrzej Miklaszewski Biography

    Andrzej Miklaszewski
    Poznan University of Technology, Poland

  23. Giuseppe Patane Biography

    Giuseppe Patane
    CNR-IMATI Genova, Italy

  24. Nguyen Van Bon Biography

    Nguyen Van Bon
    Tay Nguyen University, China

  25. Qiuliang Wang Biography

    Qiuliang Wang
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

  26. Aike Qiao Biography

    Aike Qiao
    Beijing University of Technology, China

  27.  Maoquan Chu Biography

     Maoquan Chu
    Tongji University, China

  28. Bingjun Qian Biography

    Bingjun Qian
    Fudan University, China

  29. Chengde Gao Biography

    Chengde Gao
    Central South University, China

  30. Kai Zhao Biography

    Kai Zhao
    Heilongjiang University, China

  31. Zhenqing Li Biography

    Zhenqing Li
    University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

  32. Yantao Fan Biography

    Yantao Fan
    University of Houston, USA

  33. Mehdi Razavi Biography

    Mehdi Razavi
    Stanford University, USA

  34. Kavindra Nath Biography

    Kavindra Nath
    University of Pennsylvania, USA

  35. Jigar P Modi Biography

    Jigar P Modi
    Florida Atlantic University, USA

  36. Prashant Kumta Biography

    Prashant Kumta
    University of Pittsburgh, USA

  37. Tuoen Liu Biography

    Tuoen Liu
    West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, USA

  38.  Xuan Zhou Biography

     Xuan Zhou
    George Washington University, USA

  39. Tran Doan Ngoc Tran Biography

    Tran Doan Ngoc Tran
    Louisiana State University, USA

  40.  Richard C Petersen Biography

     Richard C Petersen
    University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

  41. Guodong Liu Biography

    Guodong Liu
    North Dakota State University, USA

  42. Xu Han Biography

    Xu Han
    University of Miami, USA

  43. Eijaz Bhat Biography

    Eijaz Bhat
    Zhejiang university, P.R.China

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