Volume 1 Issue 1

Research Article: Oxidative stress & FoxO transcription factors on Cardiovascular Aging

Juewon Kim* and Siyoung Cho

Aging is a phenomena in which the functions, applicability and resistance of an organism reduces over time. With the globally aging at an accelerating pace, delaying the negative aspects of aging is vital for advancing the human life span and quality of life. The aging of multiple organs can lead to a lot of disease and no exception for cardiovascular system. Actually, one of the primary risk factors for cardiovascular diseases is aging because of altered cardiovascular metabolism resulting in metabolic disorders and inflammation. In this review, we discuss about the relationship of oxidative stress with aging and FoxO proteins, which is essential factor for anti-aging of cardiovascular systems.

Cite this Article: Kim J, Cho S. Oxidative stress & FoxO transcription factors on Cardiovascular aging. Int J Cardiovasc Dis Diagn. 2016;1(1): 001-004.

Published: 03 January 2016

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