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  1. Chengde Gao Biography

    Chengde Gao
    Central South University, China

  2. WANG Limin Biography

    WANG Limin
    East China University of Science and Technology, China

  3. Hui Yang Biography

    Hui Yang
    Fudan University, China

  4. Paolo Ferro  Biography

    Paolo Ferro
    University of Padua , Italy

  5. Pei, Desheng Biography

    Pei, Desheng
    Harvard University, China

  6. Takuma Hayashi Biography

    Takuma Hayashi
    Shinshu University School of Medicine, Japan

  7. Te-Hua Fang Biography

    Te-Hua Fang
    National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences , China

  8. Tsuyoshi Hirata Biography

    Tsuyoshi Hirata
    Central South University, Japan

  9. Yen Nee Tan Biography

    Yen Nee Tan
    National University of Singapore, China


    State University of New York, USA

  11. Antonio Gloria Biography

    Antonio Gloria
    University of Naples , Italy

  12.    Chia-Yun Chen      Biography

       Chia-Yun Chen
    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

  13.    Francisco J. Medellin-Rodriguez   Biography

       Francisco J. Medellin-Rodriguez
    State University of New York , United States

  14.    Lucian Baia      Biography

       Lucian Baia
    Babeş-Bolyai” University, Romania

  15.    Mustafa M. Demir    Biography

       Mustafa M. Demir
    Izmir Institute of Technology , Turkey

  16.    Peng Gao    Biography

       Peng Gao 
    Hangzhou Normal University , China

  17.    Te-Hua Fang   Biography

       Te-Hua Fang
    National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences , Taiwan

  18.    Yang Li   Biography

       Yang Li
    Guangdong University of Technology , China

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