Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article: Study of Musculoskeletal Disorders Risk Factors among Oil Refinery Staff of Iran by Using RULA & REBA Methods

Ghorbanali Mohammadi1, Sajjad Agharezaei2, Mehdi Ebadi Nasab3 and Payam Mohammadi4

Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are one of the most common occupational diseases of office workers. The aim of this study is investigating the prevalence of these disorders, determining the risk factors of occupational diseases and providing control strategies. The aim of this study is evaluating the prevalence of these symptoms among oil refinery staff. The studies conducted 200 administrative staff, 150 were male and 50 were female. It was observed that most musculoskeletal symptoms were in the neck (50%), knee (42.5%), shoulders (38.5%), the hip (10%) and lower arm (8.5%). To investigate the risk factors of musculoskeletal symptoms, we use the new methods of RULA and REBA so that we can take the necessary action to reduce the musculoskeletal symptoms and prevent potential dangers.
Practitioner Summary: This study was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among one company of Iran's oil refineries staff. Basically, because refinery workers need to do a lot of technical and physical work, therefore they have many musculoskeletal disorders. This study suggests that, with these disorders, there should be some necessary measures.
Keywords: Risk Factors; Musculoskeletal Disorders; Oil Refinery; Staff; RULA; REBA

Cite this Article: Mohammadi G, Agharezaei S, Nasab ME, Mohammadi P. Study of Musculoskeletal Disorders Risk Factors among Oil Refinery Staff of Iran by Using RULA & REBA Methods. Sci J Musculoskelet Disord. 2018;2(1): 001-006.

Published: 09 June 2018

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