Volume 2 Issue 1

Short Communication: Renal Injury Induced by Marine Toxins : Role of Ion Channels

Visith Sitprija* and Siravit Sitprija

Renal injury by marine toxins is not common. Domoic acid, palytoxin and maitotoxin from planktons and cnidarian toxins are few toxins known to cause renal injury. They target ion channels or form pores on the cell membrane, which increase cytosolic Na+ and Ca2+ and cause cellular edema leading to cell death. The mechanism differs from what observed in the other causes of renal injury by animal toxins. This is a model of renal injury by disruption of cell volume regulation.

Cite this Article: Sitprija V, Sitprija S. Renal Injury Induced by Marine Toxins : Role of Ion Channels. Int J Nephrol Ther. 2016;2(1): 001-006.

Published: 06 December 2016

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