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Scientific Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy (SJNMRT) is an Open Access peer reviewed, online publishing journal which aims to publish scholarly and quality papers in the significant areas of current Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy research.

Nuclear medicine is a new treatment modality and imaging technique used to diagnose and treat diseases and track disease progression. This radiological subspecialty includes various studies in which radioactive materials are given to patients, to scatter through the body, and after that image spectrum will be obtained.

Aims and Scope

The scope of the journal highlights the advanced topics in diagnose and treat diseases and track disease progression Radiology & Radiation Therapy is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed journal that accepts manuscripts on radio diagnostics, radiobiology or nuclear medicine, radiotherapy. This journal is concerned with applications of radioactive materials to the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and study of human disease, which has paralleled the developments in diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy.

Article Types

Scientific Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy publishes Original research articles, clinical trials, Reviews, Case report, Editorials, Letter to the editor, Short communication, Opinion, Book review and other special featured articles related to the field of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy. Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy is crucial reading not only for those occupied in Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy research but also for those involved primarily in clinical practice.

Please drop your manuscript at Online Submission or as an E-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at submit@scireslit.com or scireslit@gmail.com

Scope Keywords

Scientific Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy covers all topics related to:

  • Radioactive Material
  • Cancers
  • Heart Diseases
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Endocrine
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Abnormalities
  • Radiotracers
  • Bloodstream
  • Gamma Rays
  • General Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Arthritis
  • Biopsy
  • Esophagus
  • Radioactive Iodine
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Radioactive Antibodies
  • X-Rays
  • Electron Beams
  • Protons
  • Radiotherapy
  • Irradiation
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiobiology
  • Radio Diagnostics
  • Physiological Imaging Modality
  • Myocardial Perfusion
  • Thallium
  • Coronary Artery Disease