Volume 1 Issue 1

Review Article: Technological and Health-Related Aspects of Gluten

Urszula Krupa-Kozak*, Natalia Drabinska

Gluten is a composite of storage proteins found in the endosperm of wheat, rye and barley, and their hybrids. This protein of the unique viscoelastic properties is characterized by the beneficial technological properties. Gluten contributes to the batter emulsification, provides cohesiveness to dough during processing, retains leavening gases, sets the crumb structure and imparts elasticity to the bread texture. Although cereals are used extensively in food production, their proteins cannot be tolerated in some individuals. Gluten and other wheat components are the triggers of a wide range of gluten-related and wheat-related disorders, like coeliac disease, wheat allergy and gluten sensitivity. In this article a "dual nature" of gluten is discussed, firstly, its technological properties then, its role as a factor contributing to several disorders.

Cite this Article: Krupa-Kozak U, Drabinska N. Technological and Health-Related Aspects of Gluten. SRL Nutr Food Sci. 2015;1(1): 003-006.

Published: 31 December 2015

Editorial: Nutritional Plant Breeding for Food and Health Sciences Research

Golam Rasul*, Ph.D

By training I am a plant breeder/geneticist as I have nearly 12 years of research experience in both conventional and molecular plant breeding and genetics that includes over 9 years on wheat breeding and 2 years on vegetable breeding, and more specifically I was working on breeding for traits associated with cereal grain quality and chemistry (nutrition), and end-product (food) processing and quality.

Cite this Article: Rasul G. Nutritional Plant Breeding for Food and Health Sciences Research. SRL Nutr Food Sci. 2015;1(1): 001-002.

Published: 31 December 2015

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