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  1. Julie Larsen   Biography

    Julie Larsen
    Washington State University , USA

  2.    Benjamin U. Nwosu  Biography

       Benjamin U. Nwosu
    University of Massachusetts Medical School , USA

  3.    Ailin Zhang  Biography

       Ailin Zhang
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center , USA

  4.    Toru Ishikawa   Biography

       Toru Ishikawa
    Saiseikai Niigata Daini Hospital , Japan

  5.    Ping Dong     Biography

       Ping Dong
    Ocean University of China, China

  6.    Quanhui Peng      Biography

       Quanhui Peng
    Sichuan Agricultural University, China

  7.    Giuseppe Maurizio Campo   Biography

       Giuseppe Maurizio Campo
    University of Messina , Italy

  8.    Azita Hekmatdoost      Biography

       Azita Hekmatdoost
    College of Dietitians of British Columbia, Canada

  9.    Chien Kuei Yu   Biography

       Chien Kuei Yu
    National Taiwan Sport University , Taiwan

  10.    Sukanta Mondal   Biography

       Sukanta Mondal
    National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, India

  11.    Wendy Laupu     Biography

       Wendy Laupu
    James Cook University , Australia

  12.    Avishek Biswas      Biography

       Avishek Biswas
    ICAR-Central Avian Research Institute, India

  13.    Kazi Rumana Ahmed     Biography

       Kazi Rumana Ahmed
    Bangladesh University of Health Sciences , Bangladesh

  14.    Renata Matraszek-Gawron   Biography

       Renata Matraszek-Gawron
    University of Life Sciences in Lublin , Poland

  15.    Maryam Mahmoudi Biography

       Maryam Mahmoudi
    Tehran University of Medical Sciences , Iran (Islamic Republic of)

  16.    Baher Abdel Khalek Mahmoud Effat  Biography

       Baher Abdel Khalek Mahmoud Effat
    National Research Centre, Egypt

  17.    Mostafa Zaman M     Biography

       Mostafa Zaman M
    Ekhlaspur Center of Health , Bangladesh

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