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  1. Young-Chang P. Biography

    Young-Chang P.
    Kochi Medical School, Japan

  2. Viroj Wiwanitkit Biography

    Viroj Wiwanitkit
    Hainan Medical University, Thailand

  3. Somchai   Amornyotin Biography

    Somchai Amornyotin
    Mahidol University, Thailand

  4. Juan Bellido luque Biography

    Juan Bellido luque
    Seville University , Spain

  5. John Patrick F. Bebawy Biography

    John Patrick F. Bebawy
    Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA

  6. Detlev Koeppen Biography

    Detlev Koeppen
    The International Society of Hirudotherapists and Hirudologists ISHH (Sofia/Bulgaria), Biebertaler Blutegelzucht GmbH, Germany

  7. Damian Claudio Bendersky Biography

    Damian Claudio Bendersky
    Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos Evita, Argentina

  8. Ali Karakus Biography

    Ali Karakus
    Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey

  9. Giuseppe Lanza Biography

    Giuseppe Lanza
    Kore University of Enna, Italy

  10. Bruno Guimaraes Marinho Biography

    Bruno Guimaraes Marinho
    Federal Rural University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  11.    Chi Rei Wu Biography

       Chi Rei Wu
    China Medical University, Taiwan

  12.  Manuel Angel Gomez Rios Biography

     Manuel Angel Gomez Rios
     University Hospital Complex of A Coruna, Spain

  13.   Alexandros Makriyannis Biography

      Alexandros Makriyannis
    Northeastern University, USA

  14. Harsha Moole Biography

    Harsha Moole
    University of IIIinois College of Medicine at Peoria, USA

  15. Giovanni Conzo Biography

    Giovanni Conzo
    Second University of Naples, Italy

  16. Laiche Djouhri Biography

    Laiche Djouhri
    King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

  17. Renata Calciolari Rossi E Silva Biography

    Renata Calciolari Rossi E Silva
    University of West Paulista, Brazil

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