Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article: Pain and Inflammation Relieving Herbs from Srilanka

Dhara Shukla, Samudrika Wijayapala and Padma S Vankar*

More than 125 plants have pain relieving properties however some of them are exceptionally remarkable and they are very widely available in Srilanka. We found that leaves from 6 plants such as Calotropis procera (Wara), Lantana camara ( Gandapana), Moringa oleifera ( Murunga), Murraya koenigii ( Karapincha) and Citrus sinensis (Punchi jambola) made excellent pain reliever decoction. The synergistic effect of the 6 extracts showed remarkable reduction in inflammation and pain when applied externally. As is well known that herbal apothecary has great promising results. They are good alternatives to anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs for chronic, mild to moderate aches and inflammation thereby can reduce the need for allopathic drugs.

Cite this Article: Shukla D, Wijayapala S, Vankar PS. Pain and Inflammation Relieving Herbs from Srilanka. Int J Pain Relief. 2018;2(1): 001-005.

Published: 31 January 2018

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