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Clinical Analysis of 180 Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection with TCM (Soy Alice Heat Particles)

XX Wang Wangand Xueqin DX Zheng*

XX Wang Wangand Xueqin DX Zheng*

Department of Neonatal and pediatrics, Fugu County hospital, Fugu County 719499 shaanxi province, China

*Address for Correspondence: Wang Xueqin, Department of Neonatal and pediatrics, Fugu County hospital, Fugu County 719499 shaanxi province, China

Dates: Submitted: 10 December 2015; Approved: 29 December 2015; Published: 03 January 2016

Citation this article: Wang Wang XX, Zheng XDX. Clinical Analysis of 180 Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection with TCM (Soy Alice Heat Particles). Open J Pediatr Neonatal Care. 2016;1(1): 001-003

Copyright: © 2016 Wang Wang XX, et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Keywords: Children soy Alice heat particles; Upper respiratory infection; Efficacy


Objective: Observation of children with soy granules Alice heat treatment of respiratory infections how the efficacy.

Methods: Admitted to meet the diagnostic criteria of the 180 cases of respiratory tract infection in children,Were randomly divided into two groups were observed.

Results: Comparison of the efficacy of the two groups: The total efficiency was 97.8%, the control group was 82.2%, There two groups were significant (p <0.05).

Materials and Methods

Case Selection

This observation subjects were upper respiratory tract infection in children, no complications, are in line with an upper respiratory infection diagnostic criteria [1]. 180 cases were randomly divided into treatment groups: 116 males, 64 females; aged 1 to 3 years 84 cases, 76 cases aged 4-5 years, 6-14 years 20 cases; 104 cases of mild clinical manifestations, severe 76 cases; the control 180 cases of groups: male 108 cases, female 72 cases; aged 1 to 3 years 96 cases, 60 cases aged 4-5 years, 6-14 years 24 cases; 132 cases of mild clinical manifestations, severe 48 cases.


The treatment group serving children with soy Alice heat particles 6 months to 1 year old: a 1 ~ 2g (half bag to 1 bag); 1-3 years old: a 2 ~ 3g (1 Bag - 1 bag half); 4 1-6 years old: a 3 ~ 4g (1 bags half to 2 bags); 7-9 years old: one 4 ~ 5g (2 bags to 2 bags half); 10 years: once 6g (3 bags); three times a day . SHL oral liquid control group serving 5 to 10 ml, 3 times a day. Both groups plus ribavirin tablets 10mg / kg.d orally. Both sets of treatment observation period of 3 days, the observation period is no longer taking other drugs.

Clinical criteria

Markedly: temperature returned to normal within 24 to 48 hours, other symptoms and signs disappeared mostly; improvement: temperature returned to normal within 48 to 72 hours, and other symptoms, signs disappeared or improved; invalid: All the fever and other symptoms, no signs of significant improvement.


Comparison of the two groups total effect

The treatment group, the total efficiency of 97.8% in the control group, the total efficiency of 82.2%, the difference between the two groups had significant (P <0.05), Table 1.

Comparison of two groups of symptoms

Before and after treatment, the treatment of fever in children, nasal congestion, runny nose, hoarseness, lethargy and other symptoms improved significantly (P <0.05).

Side effects: treatment group, 20 cases of hyperhidrosis, 12 cases of gastrointestinal discomfort; control group, 16 cases of gastrointestinal discomfort. No other side effects.

Table 1

n     Mild  Severe  markedly  improved  invalid

   Cases%  cases%  cases%  cases%  cases%

Treated 180 104 (57.8) 76 (42.2) 112 (62.2) 64 (35.6) 4 (2.2)

Group 180 132(73.3) 48 (26.7) 52(28.9) 96 (53.3) 32(17.8)


Of children with acute respiratory infection is common pediatric diseases, more than 90% of the virus (see main rhinovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus) infection, or if the treatment is not timely treatment often accidentally bacterial infection, bronchitis or bronchial pneumonia easily converted. The clinical manifestations of fever, sore throat, cough, etc. mainly. Current clinical treatment of viral infections is no specific treatment. Past commonly used antiviral drugs ribavirin, vidarabine, cytarabine, acyclovir, interferon,gamma globulin. But the effects are not very precise, and expensive, and there are definite side effects of certain level of adverse reactions. Ribavirin, which are commonly used for a variety of DNA and RNA virus inhibition, can prevent viral replication, no cross-resistance, but the drug on the blood system has certain side effects. The medicine that children delicate organs, skin Fan Lei not close, health and foreign different functions, plus I do not know from cold to warm tone, often due to sudden changes in the four seasons climate, heating disorders, feelings of evils, milk food stagnation fat-based disease; and because "Chun-yang of the body" pediatric department, "often Yang Yu, Yin often inadequate" when exogenous evil, Yun of the heat, so the clinical symptoms of fever is more common. Rapid cooling is the main therapeutic purposes. Soy children Alice heat particles [2] is a "transparent solution form of evil, to give vent to swelter" of Semen, longer than "pure heart and purging fire, the dissolution of the hot coke," the forsythia, supplemented skullcap, mint, Nepeta, Gardenia (fried), rhubarb, Artemisia annua, TPG and other 14 Taste "Shufeng solution table, heat dredge" the classic of Chinese medicine. The main active ingredient substance skullcap baicalin, has antibacterial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect [3]. Forsythia extract forsythol, sterol compounds and other active substances with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects [4]. Gardenia Gardenia rich glycosides, have antiviral activity [5]. To sum up with heat, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral effects, and can improve digestion, increase immune function, it can significantly improve the children with acute respiratory infection symptoms such as fever, shorten cooling time. Fengreganmao for both prevention and treatment of pediatric and cold embrace stagnation Zheng, clinical no significant adverse reactions. Soy pediatric clinical Alice heat particles easy to use, drug safety and efficacy, worthy of clinical use.


Our department to try Jichuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Jiangsu Province, soy Alice heat particles pediatric treatment 180 cases of upper respiratory tract infection in 2014. From January to December, Now make the following summary.


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