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   Choon Fu Goh

   Choon Fu Goh

Universiti Sains Malaysia , Malaysia

Biography: Choon Fu graduated with a B. Pharm. (First Class Honours) from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2010 and completed his pre-registration training at Sibu Hospital, Sarawak (2011-2012). In 2012, he was offered the chance to study abroad for a PhD at the School of Pharmacy, University College London (UCL) under the academic training scheme by USM. His PhD project focused on the investigation of drug crystallisation in the stratum corneum of the skin. During his PhD studies, he held a visiting scientist post at Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Monash University for a collaboration work using synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction techniques. Immediately after finishing his PhD, he was appointed as a senior lecturer in Pharmaceutical Technology in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM started in April 2016. He is now leading the research in mucosal and topical/transdermal drug delivery in the current university.
Choon Fu is a regular reviewer for a number of international journals including Archives of Dermatological Research, Current Drug Delivery, and Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. Currently, he serves as an Hon. Secretary for Malaysian Society of Pharmaceutical Technology (MSPT) and also an ExCo member for the Malaysia Local Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (MyCRS).

Research interest(s):

  • -Physical characterisation of pharmaceutical systems using thermal, chemical and imaging techniques
  • -Topical and transdermal drug delivery including rational formulation development
  • -Characterisation of skin biophysical and biomechanical properties (e.g. using X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy)
  • -Development of biomaterials (sustainable dosage form) for buccal and topical/transdermal drug delivery e.g. thin film, hydrogel, aerogel, sponge, nanocrystals etc.
  • -Utilisation and investigation of innovative tools for teaching and learning process in pharmacy education