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 Gary B Smejkal

Gary B Smejkal

University of New Hampshire, USA

Over the past 16 years, Gary Smejkal has worked in both academia and the biotechnology industry.  He has worked with the companies Covaris, Pressure Biosciences, and Proteome Systems and is currently an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of New Hampshire.  He is the Founder of Focus Proteomics, a contract research organization.

Formerly, he was Visiting Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health and Proteomics Technologies Manager at the Harvard School of Medicine.  He worked at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, both in basic research and in clinical research.
Expertise is in sample preparation, protein electrophoresis, and assay development.  He has developed and helped bring to market ten kits for five different companies.  I also have experience in MALDI-TOF, having been formally trained at Bruker-Daltonics.

His publications include 42 PubMed citations, 10 reviews and book chapters, and is currently working on his second book on protein electrophoresis.