Volume 2 Issue 2

Research Article: Cardiovascular Proteomics - Recent Trends and Strategies

Ravikumar Krovvidi and Rajasekhar Tulasi Baru*

Cardiovascular disease is the most prevalent class of diseases in the world. Every year more individuals die from cardiovascular diseases than any other illness. Diagnosis and treatment options are limited despite current and past efforts. The molecular mechanisms that lead to the onset and progression of detrimental phenotypes in the heart remain largely elusive. To battle against the ever-increasing number of cardiovascular disease-related deaths, major goals of cardiovascular proteomics studies include the development and utilization of cutting-edge proteomics technologies to map the dynamic cardiac and vascular proteomes, elucidate cardiovascular disease mechanisms, identify candidate therapeutic targets and provide a clinically useful diagnosis as well as risk prediction. Current emphasis is given to promoting the development and adoption of quantitative protein assays targeting highly relevant cardiovascular proteins, such that translation of proteomics technologies may be expedited. Current proteomic approaches in cardiovascular proteomics are discussed.

Cite this Article: Ravikumar K, Rajasekhar TB. Cardiovascular Proteomics - Recent Trends and Strategies. Int J Proteom Bioinform. 2017;2(2): 042-054.

Published: 09 November 2017

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