Volume 3 Issue 1

Review Article: The Role of Muscle Tissue and Resistance Training in Cardiometabolic Health

Ismael Galancho-Reina1, Antonio Jesus Sanchez-Oliver2, Pedro Jose Gonzalez-Matarin3*, Javier Butragueno4, Borja Bandera-Merchan5, Walter Suarez-Carmona2, Felipe Isidro-Donate6, Francisco Jose Tinahones5 and Manuel Macias-Gonzalez5

In this review our aim is to discuss the potential benefits of resistance training in healthy subjects and patients with cardio-metabolic disease. In the last decades, evidence about the pivotal role of muscle tissue and proper muscle functionality in health and disease have been accumulating. Sarcopenia and muscle wasting have erected as a first-order risk predictor, and strength and muscle mass now constitute good markers of functionality and quality of life. Therefore, aside of its evident mechanic and aesthetic considerations, muscle tissue deploys a wide range of endocrine and metabolic functions, which are essential for health optimization and disease prevention. As follows, strategies directed to improve muscle quality and quantity, as it is Resistance Training regimens, should be prioritized and included in clinical guidelines and general health advice.

Cite this Article: Reina IG, Sanchez-Oliver AJ, Gonzalez-Matarin PJ, Butragueno J, Merchan BB, et al. The Role of Muscle Tissue and Resistance Training in Cardiometabolic Health. Int J Sports Sci Med. 2019;3(1): 001-012

Published: 21 January 2019

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