• Scientific Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations

  • Scientific Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations


Scientific Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations (SJVV) is an Open Access peer reviewed; online publishing journal which aims to promote research all over the world to innovative and quality papers is related to Vaccines & Vaccinations.

Vaccines are biological preparations, furnished active acquired immunity to a specific disease. A vaccine generally contains the disease caused agents that are microorganisms and usually made from debilitate or killed the microbe forms, one of its surface proteins or its toxins. The measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine are examples.

Aims and Scope

Scientific Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations is an open access double blinded peer review journal publishing quality papers that describe the most innovative research in Vaccines & Vaccinations.

Article Types

Scientific Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations is important for wider range of research relevant to Vaccines & Vaccinations, like wise Nonclinical development of vaccines, Vaccine safety, Vaccine formulation, inactivated vaccines, Subunit vaccines, Toxoid vaccines.

Scientific Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations publishes original research articles, review, news and perspectives, commentaries, editorials, opinions, short communications, Book surveys, correspondence, and other special featured articles related to Vaccines & Vaccinations.

Please drop your manuscript at Online Submission or as an E-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at vaccines@scireslit.com

Scope Keywords

Scientific Journal of Vaccines & Vaccinations covers all topics related to:

  • Discovery and basic science
  • Nonclinical development of vaccines
  • Biodefense vaccine
  • AIDS vaccine
  • Vaccine formulation
  • Vaccine adjuvants and conjugate vaccines
  • Cancer/oncology vaccines
  • Clinical evaluation of vaccines
  • Vaccine safety
  • Regulatory science
  • Conventional and non-conventional vaccines
  • Live, attenuated vaccines
  • Inactivated vaccines
  • Subunit vaccines
  • Toxoid vaccines
  • DNA vaccines
  • Recombinant vector vaccines
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