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Larry V. Lapanashvili

Larry V. Lapanashvili

Marji Ltd Medical Center, Switzerland

Larry V. Lapanashvili studied medicine in 1969-1975 first in Riga, Latvia and then Tbilisi, Georgia State Medical Universities. His practical work started in General Surgery and then grows up to Thoracic and later Cardiovascular Surgery.
His more than 35 years research is dedicated to Bio-Mechanical Assisted Circulation. First he started with investigation of invasive ways at Bakoulev Cardiovascular Center (Moscow, RU) which was completed as Ph.D. thesis in the 1989. For this research he received A.Carrel Award from Italian Cardiosurgeons Association (Rome, 1991). Nowadays he finished with surgery and developing noninvasive technologies and telemedicine.

He has 8 patent granted innovations and published more than 50 papers in reputed journals. He is the fellow of International College of Angiology and member of several National and International Organizations

He is co-founder of CardioLa Ltd (Winterthur, CH), founder and director of medical companies Marji Ltd (Tbilisi, GE) and La-Cor GmbH (Winterthur, CH).