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  1. Ana Isabel Rocha Faustino Biography

    Ana Isabel Rocha Faustino
    University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Portugal

  2. Alessandra Pelagalli Biography

    Alessandra Pelagalli
    University of Naples Federico II, Italy

  3. Chengbao Wang Biography

    Chengbao Wang
    University College of Veterinary Medicine Northwest A&F , China

  4. Esra Kupeli Akkol Biography

    Esra Kupeli Akkol
    Gazi University, Turkey

  5. Fetra Jules Andriamanohiarisoamanana Biography

    Fetra Jules Andriamanohiarisoamanana
    obihiro university of agriculture and veterinary medicine, Japan

  6. Irene Iglesias Martín Biography

    Irene Iglesias Martín
    National Institute of Agriculture Research of Spain, Spain

  7. Jun Chen Biography

    Jun Chen
    Tulane University, USA

  8. Kai Zhao Biography

    Kai Zhao
    Heilongjiang University, China

  9. Massimo Ciccozzi Biography

    Massimo Ciccozzi
    Rome University , Italy

  10. Peng Liao Biography

    Peng Liao
    Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, China

  11. Pengfei Jiang Biography

    Pengfei Jiang
    Wenzhou Medical University, China

  12. Roberto Chiocchetti Biography

    Roberto Chiocchetti
    University of Bologna, Italy

  13. Rijun Zhang Biography

    Rijun Zhang
    China Agriculture University , China

  14. Rui  Wu Biography

    Rui Wu
    Sichuan Agricultural University, China

  15. Suocheng Wei Biography

    Suocheng Wei
    Northwest Minzu University , China

  16. Tongjie Chai Biography

    Tongjie Chai
    Shandong Agricultural University, China

  17. Viroj Wiwanitkit Biography

    Viroj Wiwanitkit
    Hainan Medical University, Thailand

  18. Vitaly A. Bekenev Biography

    Vitaly A. Bekenev
    Siberian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, Russian Federation

  19. Wu Guofang Biography

    Wu Guofang
    Qinghai University, China

  20. Xinwei Li Biography

    Xinwei Li
    Jilin University, China

  21. Yael Fridmann Sirkis Biography

    Yael Fridmann Sirkis
    Weizmann Institute of Science, Australia

  22. Li Ying Biography

    Li Ying
    University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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