Waiver Publication Fee

SciRes Literature LLC. desires that all good quality scientific manuscripts should be given a chance to get published and available in the SciRes Literature LLC. Open Access Journals. To fulfill this, SciRes Literature LLC. has announced to provide Waivers to genuine and potential researchers. Waivers will be used to help the authors to get away with the charges of the article publishing fee.

If the Author has the capability to bring in innovative and quality works, but he/she may unable to afford to pay the article publishing fee, SciRes Literature LLC. offers an opportunity to attain Waivers on the Publication fees and are very customized and different; the amount also depends on the particular requirements and the features of each case. The Waiver provided will completely pay the Publication fees. In most cases, partial waiver/discounts on the fee are offered.

The instructions

  • All Authors who are financially unbalanced and can't afford to pay the manuscript processing charges are cordially welcomed.
  • The Authors from the Low Income countries/Third world countries are preferred.
  • If the Author has previously published any scientific work in the SciRes Literature Open Access Journal, he/she will be given a special importance.
  • If an Author has been selected for scholarship and has been granted the same, whatever the purpose may be, the Author is not eligible for the Waiver in the same year.
  • If the Author has previously applied for a scholarship and was rejected or not accepted, then he/she may apply for a Waiver.
  • The Waiver application should be submitted before paying for the article publishing charges. If an Author pays the publication fee and then applies for a Waiver, it will not be considered. The fee will not be refunded at any cost.

The opinion for the Waiver taken by the SciRes Literature LLC. Financial Aid Committee is final. Therefore, further explanation or requests will not be entertained.